Sunday, 28 August 2011

New season starts

The new season has started for local "open Dog shows", and it kicked off with Newton Abbot &SDCS show at Exeter. It was a great show and very busy, and entries were good, so it was a good start to the season.
The oddest thing happened when a photographer from a local Exeter studio decided to turn up at the show, walk around taking photos of the dogs and then try and sell them to the dogs owners. Now I thought these things only happened when ill informed weekend warrior amateurs got an idea in their heads, but no,,,,,, this was an established Exeter photographer who should have known better. They never asked the show organiser for permission, they just assumed they could do as they pleased. Well it might suit them to "be yourself" but they need to learn and understand a few basic good manners, let alone business etiquette before they venture further into the photographic industry!
The shooting season is nearly upon us, (game shooting) and once again we are finding the saturday dates are booking up very very fast for our shoot day packages.
If you are considering having Farlap Fieldsports Photography attend your driven or walked up day, or even your small rough shoot or falconry meet, then please book as early as possible to avoid the disapointment of finding we are fully booked. I believe we only have 5 free Saturdays left in the 2011/2012 shooting season!
My favourite image of the weekend is the basenji.......however tomorrow is Tiverton Hunt Show, one of the biggest hunt shows in the Westcountry, so by Monday we may have a new "favourite"!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Buckham or bust!

"Buckham Fair" in Dorset was a bit of a marathon day for us , with two photographers covering the event, the pony show and the dog show, plus a large tradestand full of prints, books and literature which it seemed everybody wanted to look at all at the same time.
It was a full-on 9 hours, and apart from one or two people trying to make life a little more difficult than normal, it went very well.
My favourite photo from the Buckham pony show was this one taken by Miss Kilian.
All dog and pony photos are now available for viewing at

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Done and Dusted!

Thats two championships shows done for the year......all finished, published and proofed. Hard work, but made easier with Kitty's help. If you were a competetor/winner and havent yet had your proofs from the photographer at Paignton championship show or Bournemouth championship show, please get in touch and we will forward the proofs.
Kitty has spent all week dusting off my laptop.....apparently you are meant to do that!.....However we take delivery of all singing dancing new machines next week so I hope her work is not in vain!

Monday, 8 August 2011


Five consecutive days of working at shows has been somewhat hard work.....but having Kitty here helping has been a huge help. Between us we have managed to get over 1000 proofs from 5 shows, all edited, trimmed and posted either on line or in the mail, in just three days. Working for three different publications over 5 days is hard work as each has its own distinct format for imagery, and getting it right is quite an art! This week has its own challenges with over 100 orders to print for clients, and an unprecedented number of montages to put together. Heres a favourite from paignton......taken of course, by Kitty!