Monday, 26 September 2011

Shooting Gazette

One of our boar- hunting commissions appeared in the October 2011 Shooting Gazette, and very nice it looked too! This winter looks promising also, with hunting trips to Hungary, Czech Republic, and, hopefully to Russia planned for the next few months. There always lots going on here thats for sure!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Gundogs galore

What a fabulous weekend of gundogs and guns! Saturday was Cornwall Gundog Clubs open show and scurry. The photos from this are now online at and can be viewed by using the password you were given on the day.
Sunday saw us at "Trout Cottage" photographing the "Pass it on" event, that introduces children from all backgrounds into the wonderful world of fieldsports, teaching them gun safety, and instructing them on the air rifle range, the clay pigeons, allowing them to meet and handle ferrets and birds of prey, and learning all about traditional country sports. It was definitely a pleasurable weekend!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Time off for good behaviour

Ive managed to actually have some time off this week, which in itself is a major achievement, as the phone seems to ring daily with clients and editors wanting photos for adverts, articles, features and so on. However Ive resisted going into the office for a whole 3 days, and instead have spent time enjoying the dry weather, and doing some training with my hounds and gundogs for the forthcoming trials and shooting seasons. Despite the R&R, I did manage to put together a new header for the website this week as I felt the old one was looking a bit tired, so I hope you like it?
If anyone is looking for a pro photographers bargain, Im selling one of my Billingham Classic 550 bags. Its had little use, as it was bought for my assistant (now left!!) and has been lovingly cared for. It now retails at about £500 so its a real bargain should anyone want to buy one of these bags in fantastic condition for £250, please let me know. STOP PRESS BAG NOW SOLD: THANKYOU FOR ALL ENQUIRIES.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

This little piggy went to market............

They say that a pig in sh*t is a happy pig, but certainly the very CLEAN pigs I photographed yesterday for a" food and farming awards" editorial, were very contented characters! Its been a few years since I did any work with commercial pigs, so it was interesting to see the new ideas and practices that had come into the industry since I last spent time on a pig farm.
I was delighted to receive an invitation to the opening of Don McCullins new exhibition at the IWM, but sadly it clashes withtoo many other projects that im juggling at the moment, but I do of course wish him a very successful exhibition.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jump to it!

Despite the abysmal weather, we have been busy with various small events and private commissions this week, and its amazing how you can grab a few minutes between the rain deluges!
One of our favourite small dog shows is SW terrier, and this little girl was a real favourite on the day. Yet again its been a busy week with farming images, and I had an interesting visit to Stockland Lovell in somerset, reknown equine centre, for an editorial feature.
My agent has also been working well for me this week, thankyou, with two images of bloodhounds sold to a magazine in Germany.
Our next boar hunting trips will be to Hungary and Germany, so if any of my usual editorial clients, or even some potential new clients, would like images or to commission anything whilst on these trips, please get in touch soon, as time is running out.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Tale of the Tail

As a livestock photographer I get to work with some wonderful British farm animals, and very often that includes pedigree dairy cows. The cows all get their tails shaved for hygene reasons (and who wants a cow-shite tail in their face when milking!?) but when they go to the shows , their handlers want them to look their very cue the "false tail". I have several false tails in varying colours/breeds for getting the perfect show photo, but nothing in "blonde aquataine" so a forthcoming commission meant that I had to order one in the appropriate shade. It arrived this afternoon and very nice it is too, although I think the delivery van driver thought I was joking when I told him what the parcel contained!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Stop following like sheep and do something original

Bit of a sheepy theme this week, firstly coverage of the SW Mule Show and sale for Farmers Guardian, and then a commission for the well known Leyn Flock adverts.
Well done to Peter Heard on winning the SWM champion group 2011.
I read a great article this week by Frampton (who else!) about new photographers entering the profession and just copying established photographers in every way. I can sooooo relate to this as Ive had it done to me many many times......infact I was shown a website only this week of a new entrant into the fieldsports photography area that I specialise in, and literally the website was a clone of mine in terms of layout scheme, page headings etc.......Such a shame when someone lacks the imagination to think for them selves.