Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Tale of the Tail

As a livestock photographer I get to work with some wonderful British farm animals, and very often that includes pedigree dairy cows. The cows all get their tails shaved for hygene reasons (and who wants a cow-shite tail in their face when milking!?) but when they go to the shows , their handlers want them to look their very best......so cue the "false tail". I have several false tails in varying colours/breeds for getting the perfect show photo, but nothing in "blonde aquataine" so a forthcoming commission meant that I had to order one in the appropriate shade. It arrived this afternoon and very nice it is too, although I think the delivery van driver thought I was joking when I told him what the parcel contained!


  1. love the new blog sam.....keep up the good work and thanks for the hardwork you put into getting my lot looking like show dogs and getting such lovely photographs of them. Much appreciated

  2. Hilarious..... and they moan about a bit of chalk in terrier shows LOL
    Sean and Tracy and the kerbsiders