Saturday, 26 November 2011

Woodcock Wonder

Last night I had the pleasure of going on a "woodcock count" for a magazine article Ive been commissioned for. Amazing to get so close to these incredible birds, without them feeling threatened, and it was quite a challenge in terms of photography!
Today was a woodcock shoot, and once again I marvelled at their flight and manoverability, and enjoyed watching some lovely young dogs who are coming on so well at the start of their gundog careers. Heres Travis, on a blind retrieve.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Feeling Independant!

An interesting week , with too much paperwork and not enough snapping, but hey-ho, thats business life I guess. Having spent 2 days on the phone dealing with faulty broadband, and then another day with a faulty credit card terminal, I was glad to finally get out and and take some photos today! It doesnt help my "bon Amie"when people phone me, complaining they couldnt get an answer when they rung at 9.30pm on a Sunday evening.......Jeeeez, how dare I not answer the phone to customers on a sunday night!
Having spent most of the morning trying to get to grips with the new compliance laws for companies that accept payment by credit card, and getting the business certified to meet the new rules, I was pleased to have a few hours out in the field!
Had two interesting sales this week, one of pheasant rearing, to the The Independant newspaper, who were running an article about pheasants, and another, of a lamb, to a publisher in the USA for their latest childrens book.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Taking stock

A busy few days sorting out our image library......I only got as far as "E" for English Springer, so clearly theres a lot more work left to do!!
Over a period of weeks and months I listened (or watched?) an amateur photographer harping on and on, on an online hunting forum, about how cr*p a particular publication was and how they wouldnt work for them even though they asked many times, blah it seems they are the new flavour of the month, with images all over the inside pages, and the cover, like theres no tomorrow! Amazing transformation....makes you wonder what kind of person can be so two faced....certainly not one that Id want to work empl0y!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Today was Grinnacombe Moor, and it wasnt quite as foggy as Dartmoor! I hope the field had a great day in such a stunning location. Images for the Lamerton 2011-12 season will now start to be available for viewing by LFH subscribers. Please visit
I was asked today to be part of an online answer forum on "business planning" and I shall be interested to see how that pans out,especially as over the last few weeks Ive had no less than three new local "photography businesses" pointed out to me, and the only "plan" I can see them making is working through MY website and then copying prettymuch everything I seem to be doing. Im sure I should be flattered, but Im not. I just see spineless amateurs with no real business sense, either trying to copy me (and presumably poach my clients and contacts) or just being a minor irritation and making life even harder for other specialist photographers such as myself, who ARE professionals and fully insured and experienced etc.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Some MOOR murky weather!

Well apart from the fog, I had a cracking day out with the Dartmoor Hunt today. Getting right out in to the heart of the moor with the hounds today was a real pleasure, and as the weather was less than perfect, I shall be out again with this great pack, to add more photos to the album, very soon.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

My first Day of the Season

Today was my first day out with the woodcock shoot this season, and we were blessed with a warm sunny day, and some nice birds after the moon a few days earlier. Im looking forward to lots mroe days with the Whiteleigh Shoot this season, lets hope the weather stays as dry on the other days!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Playing Chicken!

I have managed to dodge the rain showers and complete a job for a rare breed farmer, producing images for their website and for their information literature. It was a fun two days lying in the mud, stalking chickens and ducks........not to mention the problem with the geese! This is my favourite shot, and it was an unbelievably late brood for this proud mum.
Last night I was shown the new website of an amateur photographer, now posing as a pro, and putting themselves out to the great event-going public as a horse/dog /event photographer. Never fails to amaze me how these people want to turn pro, yet they accept their images being used in major publications for free, and get all emotional with excitement, telling all their mates theyare now a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER just because they got a by-line. BY-LINES DO NOT PAY THE BILLS AND THEY MAKE YOU CHEAP AND USED. When will these weekend warriors get the message I wonder??? Infact it makes you wonder how they even pay their public liability insurance and get their equipment PAT tested, when they are just giving away their work.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

More Calendar girls

Just loved these pictures from the weekend photo shoot.....think at least one of them will make a fab calendar image.

Monday, 7 November 2011

A wild week!

This week has been rather "wild" with 2 shoots to attend, and 3 days of solid picture editing for a new client.
This resulted in supplying the new client with a large number of images of deer stalking, gralloching and carcass handling for an exciting book due to be published in the New year. The online version of Shooting gazette also came out, and heres a link to a boar hunting article I did for them last month