Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Today was Grinnacombe Moor, and it wasnt quite as foggy as Dartmoor! I hope the field had a great day in such a stunning location. Images for the Lamerton 2011-12 season will now start to be available for viewing by LFH subscribers. Please visit
I was asked today to be part of an online answer forum on "business planning" and I shall be interested to see how that pans out,especially as over the last few weeks Ive had no less than three new local "photography businesses" pointed out to me, and the only "plan" I can see them making is working through MY website and then copying prettymuch everything I seem to be doing. Im sure I should be flattered, but Im not. I just see spineless amateurs with no real business sense, either trying to copy me (and presumably poach my clients and contacts) or just being a minor irritation and making life even harder for other specialist photographers such as myself, who ARE professionals and fully insured and experienced etc.

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