Thursday, 1 December 2011

Weekly Fun and games

its been all fun and games here this started with a job for Farmers Guardian in Somerset, in somewhat muddy conditions, then it was off to a goat breeder to photograph stock for yearbooks and ads (that was quite challenging!) The next day was interviewing a second photographer/front of house for the seasonal run of black tie formal events we are covering soon......she turned up with a face full of iron mongery and tattooes everywhere you looked and was most definitely not the image we want to portray! What a waste of my day and least she turend up for the interview though, unlike the other two candidates who clearly couldnt be bothered. After that debacle I managed to fit in a quick job with the foxhounds, and then I then spent a solid two days editing for the 2013 lurcher calendar.....the biggest challenge was editing down several hundred to a shortlist of 40, but got there in the end!
Weve had some eclectic sales this week, with The Field using one of my falconry images and The Mail using a couple of dog images for their website, plus a magazine in the USA buying a rather cute lamb photo. The weeks not over yet as we are now getting ready for Exonian Canine Society open show on Saturday, where I will also be doing a calendar shoot so if anyone wants to come along with their dog for this, please let me know.

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