Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dates for the calendar

The weather has been so foul this week that the Dartmoor based jobs have had to be postponed for a week, which is rather annoying. However being office bound for a few days has allowed me to catch up with a few things (tax return being one of them.....yuk!) and grab some screen shots of Farlap photos that have featured in Farmers Guardian.
We now have the full confirmation list for the 2013 calendars, so if your dog was a model, Ill be able to tell you if he or she is going to be featuring. Some of them are on the covers so will be getting some very exciting exposure across the world. I should take delivery of the calendars later in the year and will of course make sure you all get copies.

Friday, 20 January 2012

weve got it covered again!

January has seen several front covers for Farlap......these are the two latest ones.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The long and winding trail.......

Its been a busy week with 2 days Trail hunting and not to mention the sheep!
It was nice to catch up with the Old Berkley Beaglers again this year, as I missed their annual sojourn last season. They havent aged a bit!!
A couple of new events have been booked this week, making it look like an exciting summer for Farlap.....oh.....and the exciting news I mentioned a few weeks ago.....well it will have to wait just a few more days....but I promise it will be out soon!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sheepshank Redemption

Having had two conversations of late, one where an editor without apology or good reason, decides to cut the day rate by 20% , take a job away from me, and yet still wants more for their money, and another where a picture editor calls me to tell me the rate has gone up and they have 3 jobs waiting for me, then I guess the choice is a simple one to make! Hence this week Ive been enjoying a lot of sheep photography!
Its been a great week for getting the summers work plan arranged, and my planned change of priorities over the last 12 months, seems to have paid off. Ive managed to gain some useful events in my calendar as well as getting shed of the ones that I didnt enjoy too much. We are also glad to learn that Kitti, our Hungarian photography undergraduate student will be working with us again all summer.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sydenham photos now ready

To view Sydenham Estate Shoot photos please use this link http://www.farlap-photography.com/section151915.html Link

Just how much can you cram into one week?

It certainly is turning into one of those weeks! The list of commissions so far
1 driven game shoot
1 days hunting (the trail variety of course)
1 day with a south african flock of sheep for a feature
1 day in a laboratory for a feature
1 days rough shooting
1 day on a beef farm for a featureI shall hopefully get the Sydenham photos live this weekend, meanwhile heres "Ferret" telling one of his fishing tales!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Boared in the forest

Another commission to Germany last week, gave me a great opportunity to add a number of new hunting breeds to my portfolio, and get some exciting action hunting photos.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy NEW Year!

At this time of the year it seems appropriate to thank all those clients, editors, picture buyers and loyal friends who have supported us over 2011. The new year certainly looks exciting for us with a slightly different angle of approach for some of the aspects of event photography we have traditionally been involved with, and adding alot more editorial work into our portfolio is the way forward for the forseeable. The year has started well with an editorial commission in Germany, on a wild boar shoot, from which we have just returned, and it was good to arrive home and see the first front cover of 2012 waiting for us. (see right).
The year has got off to a flying start, with two pheasant shoots this week plus two days out hunting for a commissioned piece, so we look forward to catching up with everyone in 2012, and you can rest assured that your loyalty to "Farlap" has been noted, appreciated and will be appropriately repaid in the near future.