Monday, 16 January 2012

Sheepshank Redemption

Having had two conversations of late, one where an editor without apology or good reason, decides to cut the day rate by 20% , take a job away from me, and yet still wants more for their money, and another where a picture editor calls me to tell me the rate has gone up and they have 3 jobs waiting for me, then I guess the choice is a simple one to make! Hence this week Ive been enjoying a lot of sheep photography!
Its been a great week for getting the summers work plan arranged, and my planned change of priorities over the last 12 months, seems to have paid off. Ive managed to gain some useful events in my calendar as well as getting shed of the ones that I didnt enjoy too much. We are also glad to learn that Kitti, our Hungarian photography undergraduate student will be working with us again all summer.

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