Sunday, 8 April 2012

Plenty going on

Theres been a lot going on at Farlap over the last few weeks, although firstly we should apologise to the three shows that we have had to let down, but due to sad circumstances we have been needed elsewhere for a few days, and not been able to fulfill some work commitments. I know from the phone calls that people have been disapointed, and I apologise, and look forward to seeing you all at the next show.
So what HAVE we been up to? A number of agricultural commissions have meant that the wellies have been in use as we trudged about the lambing pens for a sheep health feature, out in the fields with suckler herds for grassland management articles, and not forgetting the goats and pigs on a newcomers feature. For those who went to Gables show, we were pleased to be able to get a photographer there and the images are now available online for viewing. Your password is on the voucher you received and you now have the choice of receiving your Free Prize as either a print OR AS A DIGITAL FILE. The digital file is perfect for FACEBOOK or emailing to friends and family and as this is one of our most requested services we hope you fins it a useful option.

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