Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sporting Dogs Bonanza

This week has been a mixture of hounds and gundogs......could it get any better?

Weve been busy photographing for  Devon Shooting School, Gamesika Gundogs Training, a lurcher brood and a really divine litter of whippets.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Tetcott Terriers and Greek Gundogs

.............not a sentence you find together too often, but a day at the Tetcott terrier show lead to a chance meeting with Mikel Lydios, the gundog trainer, who had just brough in two very nice pointers from his homeland, which in turn lead to a commission photographing them. Im also going to go grouse pointing with them later in the year, which should lead to some great images and an interesting article for the magazine thats commisioned it.
Weve had a couple of moans this weekend from people who wrongly thought we were the photographers at another show, and had had a few problems. Please note that unless it SAYS Farlap on the card and I am PRESENT at the event, then it is NOT Farlap covering the event. I can only suggest that if organisers want a PROFESSIONAL, INSURED, EXPERIENCED photographer who will work at the event and promote it,and sponsor classes, then you get in touch with US  as we cant be responsible for the bad behaviour of amateur photographers who are trying to set themselves up as professionals.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The heat is on!

This week has been sweltering and not conducive to a comfortable working temperature, but its been busy none the less, with a very busy day at Devon Shooting School and Gundog training Centre, doing the images for their new website. This was followed by a last minute calendar shoot near Okehampton where we had 15 dogs turn up, and we found some cooler spots to do the shoot, and all the participants, canine and human, seemed to enjoy themselves immensley, especially when we all went for a dip in the river afterwards!
Our agency has seen images winging all over the world, including the Nationals and a calendar company in Japan, so theres plenty to keep us busy.
The week has seen three new shows booked in for the summer, just to add to our already "bursting at the seams" diary!
Please note..........if a show already has a photographer booked, then we will not attend, so please do not ask us to. Its not professional and it most certainly is not ettiquette. Unfortunately there are other photographers out there who do not seem to apply the same basic good manners and professionalism, (or maybe they are just so desperate for work that they feel its OK to poach on other peoples jobs?).

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Monday, 14 May 2012

Calendar Photo Shoot

If you are attending "Devon County Show" this year, and have your dog with you, then you might like to know that we will be doing calendar photo shoots on all three days*
So if you think your dog, whatever breed, would make a great calendar model, please come and see us on the day, we will be within the dog show section from 10am to 3pm each day.

*subject to weather and availability. please call 07721597926 on the day.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thats another year come 2015!

As someone who appreciates every day that life has to offer, I really hate the idea of looking too far ahead into the future, but such is the way of editorial photography, and so with great relish I have signed off all my 2014 calendars today. Yippee!! So now I can start thinking about 2015!!

This coming weekend the forecast is for fine weather so i hope they are right, as its Gables farm charity dog show. Gables are my charity of choice and, so its always a grat pleasure to be at their shows, and I hope that lots of my clients will come along with their dogs, have some fun, and help support this worthy charity.

Monday, 7 May 2012

On Course

This weekend saw us covering South Pool & Dartvale Harriers Lure Coursing, and we spent two mornings capturing the fast pace action on a well laid out course. There was also some hurdling, and this was followed by their two day show, as always excellently organised and a pleasure to be at.
ll the photos can be viewed, if you have the password, at

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Gundogs Galore!

Ive had a wonderful job this week with a working clumber breeder and her gorgeous dogs. As they are a breed Ive had a great deal of interest in for a number of years, it meant that the job held special interest to me, and I was fascinated by their temperament and character. Im going to really look forward to going out and seeing these guys work at the forthcoming summer test.
A couple of new events booked up with us for the summer, which means a  quite a lot of extra work,  but with two professional photographers on hand for all summer events, there should be no problem covering the extra workload.