Monday, 28 May 2012

Tetcott Terriers and Greek Gundogs

.............not a sentence you find together too often, but a day at the Tetcott terrier show lead to a chance meeting with Mikel Lydios, the gundog trainer, who had just brough in two very nice pointers from his homeland, which in turn lead to a commission photographing them. Im also going to go grouse pointing with them later in the year, which should lead to some great images and an interesting article for the magazine thats commisioned it.
Weve had a couple of moans this weekend from people who wrongly thought we were the photographers at another show, and had had a few problems. Please note that unless it SAYS Farlap on the card and I am PRESENT at the event, then it is NOT Farlap covering the event. I can only suggest that if organisers want a PROFESSIONAL, INSURED, EXPERIENCED photographer who will work at the event and promote it,and sponsor classes, then you get in touch with US  as we cant be responsible for the bad behaviour of amateur photographers who are trying to set themselves up as professionals.

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