Thursday, 26 July 2012


Maybe its my farmer blood, but the weather is never quite right at the moment. Last week was too wet, and this week is too hot! perhaps something in the middle would be better please.
Its a real shame that we have had 6 events cancelled because of the wet weather, but luckily they managed to get the silage off the show field at Dunster just in time, and the show went ahead. This year it was in blazing sunshine and it really was too hot to do justice to all my lovely clients and their dogs who wanted their photos taking, but hopefully we will catch up with the backlog at the next few shows.
A few days before that we had a calendar photo shoot at a local Exemption show at Crediton, and we had a lot of dogs coming forward for the 2015 breed calendars, thankyou very much.
 In between the wet and heat we have managed to get a few commissions done for local clients, and this week it was my absolute favourites, the Edhenky german pointers. Both wires and shorthaired versions for us to photograph in their beautiful garden. Next week we have border terrier puppies, miniature ponies, miniature donkeys, pygmy goats and a tamworth boar! I hope Kitty  wasnt planning on having a rest!!
It never fails to amaze me how there are some people who wouldnt give you the time of day at open shows and yet suddenly when they realise theyve won a free portriat at a charity event, suddenly they want to be your best friend! I think not!!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A little bit of sunshine

Its been all doom and gloom here this week with another three shows/events cancelled for us because of this terrible and unseasonable weather. On the plus side, the rain stopped at Stithians and we had a lovely day in the sunshine, photographing clients dogs all day, as well as having a calendar photo shoot on the day. My favourite shot of the day was these two weimeraners.....posers through and through.
The next couple of days we are busy with private commissions for local breeders and we just hope the rain stays away.
On a final note, please be aware that I WILL NOT tolerate agressive or confrontational behaviour to either me or my staff at events. The behaviour of one person was quite appalling,and I strongly suggest they get some anger management counselling if they believe its acceptable to be agressive and unpleasant to a photographer. If you want us to specifically photograph your dog in a group then you need to ASK us to do it, not behave like a spoilt teenager in a tantrum.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Boconnoc or Bust!

Boconnoc was the only event this week that wasnt cancelled, so it was all or nothing. Luckily the sun shone and the ground dried up a bit, and everything went well. the photos are now ready for viewing at

This week is full of private commissions and helping Kitti with her portfolio work, so hoping for some more dry weather please!
We were approached by three riders as they thought our photographer lying in the grass, had spooked their horses. I feel I should point out that THIS WAS NOT OUR PHOTOGRAHER. We had two photographers on the course on the lake and one below the main house,and both are professional horse people who know better than to do something so stupid as to lie in the grass. This person was NOTHING to do with Farlap.Its a real shame that when someone  feels the need to attend events and try and take work from hardworking professional photographers. However this persons details and image have been noted for future events.

Many people dont understand that we were at the event for 8 hours, two people, full time on a Sunday, plus insurance, and then another 4 hours editing in the office afterwards. It requires a lot of expense, responsibility and time to cover these events and we dont take too kindly to poachers!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rain Stops Play

Rain really has stopped play for us this week, what with Dunsford Show and Liskeard Show both being cancelled,  and a photo shoot with some donkeys also postponed,its a real shame. However this doesnt mean weve been twiddling our thumbs, as at the start of the week we have had two  agricultural editorial commissions as well as an interesting new commercial photographic contract  working for an Irish agri company that is involved in Bovine comfort......yes there really is such a thing!  Certainly this new state of the art parlour was to die for!

The latter part of the week was a photoshoot for a wildlife calendar and this fallow buck was my favourite of the day.

We also had a Working test to cover and although the weather wasnt too bad, the heavily wooded shaded location meant it was something of a challenge.
Tomorrow is horses.....And a lot of them, so should be a good day if the rain keeps away.