Monday, 9 July 2012

Boconnoc or Bust!

Boconnoc was the only event this week that wasnt cancelled, so it was all or nothing. Luckily the sun shone and the ground dried up a bit, and everything went well. the photos are now ready for viewing at

This week is full of private commissions and helping Kitti with her portfolio work, so hoping for some more dry weather please!
We were approached by three riders as they thought our photographer lying in the grass, had spooked their horses. I feel I should point out that THIS WAS NOT OUR PHOTOGRAHER. We had two photographers on the course on the lake and one below the main house,and both are professional horse people who know better than to do something so stupid as to lie in the grass. This person was NOTHING to do with Farlap.Its a real shame that when someone  feels the need to attend events and try and take work from hardworking professional photographers. However this persons details and image have been noted for future events.

Many people dont understand that we were at the event for 8 hours, two people, full time on a Sunday, plus insurance, and then another 4 hours editing in the office afterwards. It requires a lot of expense, responsibility and time to cover these events and we dont take too kindly to poachers!

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