Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A little bit of sunshine

Its been all doom and gloom here this week with another three shows/events cancelled for us because of this terrible and unseasonable weather. On the plus side, the rain stopped at Stithians and we had a lovely day in the sunshine, photographing clients dogs all day, as well as having a calendar photo shoot on the day. My favourite shot of the day was these two weimeraners.....posers through and through.
The next couple of days we are busy with private commissions for local breeders and we just hope the rain stays away.
On a final note, please be aware that I WILL NOT tolerate agressive or confrontational behaviour to either me or my staff at events. The behaviour of one person was quite appalling,and I strongly suggest they get some anger management counselling if they believe its acceptable to be agressive and unpleasant to a photographer. If you want us to specifically photograph your dog in a group then you need to ASK us to do it, not behave like a spoilt teenager in a tantrum.

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