Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The last two weeks has been a whirlwind of work, and posting to the blog has taken a back burner, which I apologise for as I know we have many loyal followers. Dont forget you can also keep up with our canine photography antics on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Farlap-Canine-Photography/103783183000846?ref=hl
I think my favourite job over the last week or so was the Working Clumber club field trial. I have a great interest in this breed, partly because of Rae Furness and Christina, and partly because they are a breed Ive always enjoyed watching in the field. I hope the competetors enjoyed my photos and that the forthcoming article will please them.

Its not everyday you get to take photos at Lord Lichfields, so I was very honoured to spend the day there last week.
With the commencement of the trail hunting season we have also been busy visiting local hunts and supplying images to the fieldsports publications that we work for regulalry.

Its also been a busy fortnight for kennel visits and weve been lucky to photograph some truly delightful puppies for their owners.
This proud Jack Russel mum was a particular favourite.

Finally its those calendars again!! I know a lot of people have been waiting patientyl (and some not so patiently, me included!) for their arrival. They should have been with us over a month ago and its been a frustrating few weeks and the latest news is that they are awaiting confirmation of our EURI code and clearance from customs at Stanstead. They should be with me late this week, and I will be bringing them to Exonian CS for those who can collect them there.
We are planning another Calendar photo shoot on November 11th, at Midday in Okehampton. This will be weather dependant, but unless its raining, then it will go ahead as planned. If you would like to bring along a dog of any breed, (and even certain cross breeds but please email me first to check which ones) then wed love to meet you and your dog and photograph you for the calendar.
As always, we give you a copy of the print that we think will best suit the calendar, and should your dog be selected for the International breed calendars then you will also get a free copy of it. Theres no catch, just let us know you are coming and we can forward all the meeting point info to you nearer the time.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Winter Warmer

Now the shooting season is underway we have had lots of new shoots book us for days, which is good news. November is typically our quieter month and so we have put a little offer on for you. There are still a few weekdays available if anyone is interested. After last months special offer being so successful we've decided to do a regular monthly offer, so keep your eyes open for the next one!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Getting to the point

Those of you who are regular visitors here will know that Im slowly adding my archives to online albums. Well this week Im adding old Point to Points, after having several calls in the last few weeks from owners who have lost favourite horses and never got around to buying photos after the races. Im adding the lamerton races this week, so dont forget to have a look.
This has been a classice week of discovering who your friends really are......especially when you get an email on a Sunday asking for a heap of free pictures for a clients website, and then two days later you discover they have done the dirty and wont be using your services anymore. hardly the way to behave if you are expecting nice images for your website, for nothing! Needless to say I wont be sending any!! Basic manners, professionalism and  just good old fashioned decency seem to be a thing of the past in these cut throat days!
A gorgeous litter of  working springer spaniels was this weeks challenge, and challenging they certainly were, as they zoomed about the garden and lawn, barely pausing for breath! We did however get a few nice shots for the English Springer article, in the end!