Monday, 10 December 2012

Last date approaching

A note to clients, that the last date for orders for Christmas delivery is December 13th, midday. Please ensure all orders are with us by then, as we cannot guarantee there will be any  further printing done after this date.
OK thats Christmassy bit done! What a great week weve had, on 4 different but all enjoyable shoots across the westcountry. Weve been lucky to see some of the finest game shooting this area can produce, and photograph some of their guns and dogs. We have lots more shoots to attend in the next few weeks, but do have a few week days still available if you want to book Farlap for your shoot. We can even turn it into a great Christmas voucher if you are stuck for a pressie for someone.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pros and Cons and Poachers on Trial!

A very very busy week last week, with three long days on driven shoots dodging the showers,

plus covering a local dog show at the weekend and then an HPR trial yesterday at Ludney Shoot in Somerset . Definitely a good sporting week, with commissions for three magazines including  Dairying.

 The pros of working for such an interesting and diverse range of publications, covering my favourite activities.......feeling very priveleged. HOWEVER on the negative side, it was really disapointing to see that poaching still goes on (thats the professional type, not the game shooting type by the way!) and cannot believe that a wedding and child photographer feels its ethical/professional to turn up on an event IM covering and take photos and dish out cards to all the competetors. Maybe next time rubblestone is attending a wedding Ill come along and take photos of the guests and offer my cards to them and see how they like that???