Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Away to the highlands.......

A mega busy three days with two field trials and a shoot to cover, and now preparing to "away to the Highlands"; deer stalking in the snow.
Ive managed to get the CFTS field trial images uploaded into their album for everyone to view but Im afraid the Holcutt Shoot and the Duchy Spaniel trialers will have to be a little bit patient and wait for me to return from the Scottish  Highlands, before I get their photos online.

Its been a good couple of weeks for Farlap with more cover photos on CMW, plus images of Keeshunds and Samoyeds, used for a book in the USA, and a staffy used by The Telegraph newspaper.
Im planning another calendar shoot once the weather dries up a little, in the Spring, so keep your eyes peeled for more details on that soon. Talking of calendars we have just a handful left, including westies, Amstaffs, jack russells, weimeraners, great danes and labradors. All are £6 incl UK P&P and all proceeds go to K9 Search Dogs charity. please email me if you would like one. Last chance to get one of these super full colour breed calendars......when they are gone, they are gone!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Only 5 days left

I cant believe the game shooting season is nearly over....we only have 5 shoots left in the diary, its so sad as its my favourite time of the year, not just for working on shoots but also for plain and simple enjoyment.
This is this weeks favourite, such a sweet labrador, and nothing better than a dog doing what its bred for.
Intersting thing happened last week when I had a booking for a new shoot.....seems they had been approached by someone recently to photograph on the shoot......they didnt see there could be a problem so along she lunchtime shed been sent packing as she was putting herself in dangerous positions with the guns, and clearly didnt understand basic game shooting etiquette. Closer inspection showed that she held no public liabilty insurance either!!
Luckily one of the beaters is a regular client of mine and I was invited along the following week, which at least meant the usual weekly team had some great shots at the end of the day, everyone was safe, and a pleasurable peaceful day was had by all. it really makes me so mad when people (who usually have normal day jobs and just want to pinch some of the action) think that by spending a few quid on a camera and turning up on the day, it entitles them to call themselves professional photographers. Gives those of us who are legit and truly professional, a very bad name.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Shooting Stars!

A strange sort of week, where the jobs have included two daysdriven game shooting, two days photographing beef cattle, and a day....unbelievably.....photographing a "Britains got talent" contestant and his balancing wheelbarrow act for  "Cow mangaement" magazine in the Netherlands. YUP! strange indeed!!!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

1st of the year

Today saw the first shoot of the year for Farlap, the lovely Littlecombe Shoot near Spreyton, where we met up with old and new firiends and enjoyed a day in warm sunshine, and NO RAIN, with fast high birds challenging guns and camera alike.
Todays images have now been added to the Lilltlecombe album, and if you are unsure of the password please contact the keeper, Viv, or myself.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Plan your New year!

Anyone wanting a calendar for 2013, we have a wonderful selection available for sale and all profits are going to local charity K9Search Dogs .
Breeds include (dogs):
American Staffy (Amstaff)
Australian Shepherds
Bichon Fris
Border Collies
Border terriers
Dachshunds (mixed)
Dachshunds (wires)
Flat Coats
Great Danes
Jack Russells (square format and slimline available)
labradors (mixed)
labradors (black only. Also a slimline version if preferred)
labradors (yellow only)
St Bernards
White Shepherds (white alsations)
Plus a selection of chickens, cows, and variety of baby animals (very cute!).

All calendars are £5 each. All are large format 12" square unless stated otherwise. If you need them posting then the 1st one is £2.20 and add 50p per calendar if you want more in the package. DONT FORGET THESE ARE FOR 2013.

Heres to the Future!

Well 2012 went out with something of a "bang" for us here, a combination of Flu, heart attack and norro Virus meant that not too much happened at Farlap in the last 2 weeks of the year!! We are hoping that 2013 will be a little more relaxed, and would like to thank all those clients and friends who kindly contacted us to see if we were OK. its much appreciated.
We have kept busy  in the office over the festive period, forwarding calendars to all those people whose dogs modelled for the calendar range, and hopefully everyone has had theirs now....if not please let me know within the next week, as any remaining ones will be going to raise funds for a local charity.
It was good to see Farlap images being sent our across the UK this Christmas, for Guide Dogs, who we have worked with closely now for a number of years. This labrador Pepper was one of my favourites to work with.

The 2013 diary is already filling up quickly, and so if you require us to cover your show or event, no matter how many months away it seems, please get in touch to book the date ASAP, as we have so many new events and bookings planned for 2013 you might find your date is booked up early, and we hate to disapoint. Happy New Year to all our LOYALfriends and clients.