Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tis the season to be........SHOOTING!

Im sure most of my clients think its the season to be jolly but for us its BANG in the heart of the shooting season, and this has to be on of our busiest ever.....Im not complaining!!
The last 2 weeks have been busy not only with shooting but with getting everyone Christmas orders finished and posted. So far over twenty two calendars and book have been couriered off to happy clients.
Editorial work is also surprisingly busy at this time of year, we had a nice shot in the Telegraph
as well as a another front cover
and weve also had some really good days at gundog trials
.....thats before I even mention the wonderful puppy photo shoots we did last week, and the day I spent with Penny Rothe and her famous stallion Merco.....but more on that later!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Uh Oh, Christmas is coming!!

This weekend has seen Farlap as the official photographer at the Lanhydrock Christmas Fun Ride, and it looks like a lot of Festive fun was had, after all its not often you see a christmas tree galloping across the Cornish countryside!!

It is however a succinct reminder that Christmas is fast approaching, and while Im sure most of you are well prepared, there is always a small minority who contact just a couple of days before Christmas and expect us to magically produce a 20" print and deliver it in time for December 25th. We go above and beyond at this time of the year, trying to make sure everyone gets their perfect gift in time, and this means we add in an extra 5 printing days in December.
 However we DO have a last order date and so this year its important that your PRINT/CANVAS/CALENDARS/BOOK orders are with us and paid for, by December 13th Midday. If you are collecting your PRINT/CANVAS/CALENDARS/BOOK order from us then December 15th midday is the last order date. If you are ordering mugs or mousemats then Im afraid you will have to look lively and get your order to us by December 8th.