Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Get stuffed!

With the end of the shooting season we are also looking at the ever nearing end of the trail hunting season, and then its the march onto the summer events! The last couple of weeks have seen me very busy with my Farmers Guardian commissions and its good to see three of them used in this weeks issue alone.
Not one to sit and do nothing on a dark evening, Im working my way through the latest batch of greetings cards that have been delivered, all one thousand of them, and all need to be stuffed into their cellophane wrappers with an envelope. Its quite therapeutic really, and Ive managed to do nearly half of them, so hopefully by the time the first of the gamefairs come around next month we will have them all ready and looking smart on their nice new display stand.
February also brings the start of the training rides for EGB, and our 1st was Hallworthy, where we were lucky with the weather!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Horses for courses

This week we have booked in three new horse events for the summer. If you are looking for an experienced equestrian photographer, to cover your event, point to point, show etc....we are fully insured and with decades of experience working with and around all equines, please give us a call.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Show must go on.......

Despite the continual and torrential rain, which isnt conducive to outdoors photography, the show must go on! This week has seen me photographing lambs and sheep for a Danish ewe milk replacer company,

 foxhounds out trail hunting

  and a wonderful lurcher puppy. 

Theres always a small window in between the showers to grab the shots if you have the patience to wait! Ive made the most of the damp weather, putting together my next collection of greetings cards, which shoyuld be ready to go on sale on our stand  at the West Country Game Fair.