Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Another risk assesment!

Milly has been with us full time on her Level 3 Apprenticeship for ten weeks. It seems like longer (in a good way that its!!)  and shes such a great asset to Farlap and brings new ideas and a smiley face to the office every day)
This week she has been really busy with horses, posh houses and eagles...all will be revealed soon.

Until I became a full-time employer, I had no idea that my life as a photographer was so dangerous, and having to write risk assessments for "what to do if an eagle takes a dislike to you" was not something I could find a template for on google! All in a days work for team Farlap! Well done Milly you are doing GREAT
Meanwhile we are still trialing the fantastic new beta software for DengeT GMBH, designed by our colleague Armin T Denget and have to say its had a  massive cleanup rate on FB where a number of our images have been misused. We even found one image being used as a reference (possibly) for a dog to be stolen so we think that once fully licensed we will find the software unbeatable, although its still very early days and they reckon there will be another 3-4 years of R&D before it goes on sale. Sooner the better I say.


  1. We would have bargained with you to deny she was their to save us both the insurance paperwork....

  2. great plan.....one to remember next time LOL